The 7/11 Writer’s workshop is a series of webinars/teleseminars developed by Daniel Middleton (The 7 Points of Write) and Jaime Vendera (11 Secret Steps to Writing, Designing, Creating, Self-Publishing & Marketing Your Very Own How-to Book, eBook, or Manual). The Writer's workshop series is based on each author’s unique approach to writing both fiction and non-fiction books, and employing effective book marketing strategies. From start to finish, Daniel and Jaime will take you through 7 points and 11 steps that will enable you to successfully conceive and translate your vision to the printed page, as well as package and market your book according to industry standards.

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7 Essential Points to Becoming an Outstanding Writer

 This workshop is based primarily on Daniel Middleton’s 7 Points of Write, and will teach you how to avoid formulaic writing by simply allowing the creative process to unfold by channeling the stories and characters that are buried deep within. Whether you are a writer of fiction or non-fiction, this workshop will help you to find and define your story while maintaining your readers’ attention with highly engrossing material. This workshop is a must for all serious writers!

Workshop Date/Time: TBA, 2010, 8PM – 10 PM
Price: $50.00-
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The Art of Book Creation


Now that you’ve mastered The 7 Essential Points, are you ready to release your book? Writing the book was the easy part. Fine-tuning your masterpiece and getting it to print, as well as electronic distribution channels, is where most writers fail. The Art of Book Creation focuses on the techniques detailed in The 11 Secret Steps, and this lesson breaks down each step to releasing a book in easy to understand terms. If you’d rather see your manuscript listed on websites like and, as opposed to collecting dust on your shelf, then attending this workshop is the next step!

Workshop Date/Time: TBA, 2010, 8PM – 10 PM
Price: $50.00 – Book your slot now

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Super Simple Book Marketing Secrets

If you thought you were finished once your book has been released in print, think again! The best way to sell your book is to sell yourself! Books won’t come flying off the shelves unless you do something about it! There are many companies on the web that offer book marketing services for a high price, but even if you go this route, do you truly know if your book is being properly marketed? In the Super Simple Book Marketing Secrets, you’ll learn tips that will allow you to market your book yourself in minimal time and with minimal expense (most of the time that means for free!). Every outstanding writer who has released their book needs to know these secrets!

Workshop Date/Time: TBA, 2010, 8PM – 10 PM
Price: $50.00 – Book your slot now

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About Daniel Middleton/7 Points of Write

Throughout his career as a professional book editor, Daniel Middleton, founder of Scribe Freelance, has come to understand and recognize the nuances of quality fiction, and has pinpointed the necessary ingredients a writer needs in order to attain a lofty level of storytelling. He will teach you how to avoid weak character sketching and poor delivery of dialogue, and you will learn how to describe scenery and action effectively. In order to allow your readers to come away satisfied after reading your book, or compel them to reread passages for the sheer power and beauty contained within them, you have to tap into your hidden depths of experience.

That is exactly what this book will teach you to do!

The seven points contained in this book were designed specifically for that very purpose, and you will find that, taken together, they form a solid foundation upon which you can begin to hone your craft and greatly improve your storytelling abilities. You can think of the seven points as a fine-grained whetstone that, if adhered to, will give your writing a keen edge. By following the lessons in this book you will be given in-depth information about your characters, and enough fodder for as many interesting situations as you wish to place them in. Your characters will begin to have real purpose as they navigate the winding route of your plot, and the story itself will be rich with details that readers can readily absorb.

Coming in 2010

About Jaime Vendera/11 Secret Steps...

Don't wade through hundreds of subsidy publishing websites just to find out that those sites are there to make a quick buck on your dreams! Don't waste time reading complex 500-page book-writing manuals! Don't put that book off for another day! Let Jaime Vendera lead you step-by-step through the book publishing process. From brainstorming to seeing your book on bookstore shelves and in the hallowed electronic halls of websites such as and

Start writing, and dare your laptop to keep up! Jaime Vendera, internationally known vocal phenom, tells you exactly how to write, edit, and market your self-published book, eBook, or manual. His hard-won knowledge about the non-fiction market is invaluable to beginners. This book includes solid, meaningful advice, with no fillers. By building a team of professionals, you will be able to focus on the writing while your book has all the professional touches that grab readers' attention.

After publication, you will have all you need to publicize your book through a website and innovative, high-powered marketing tactics. Being a professional doesn't have to mean shelling out thousands of dollars. Straight talking vocal coach and renaissance man Jaime Vendera shows you how in The 11 Secret Steps to Writing, Designing, Creating, Self-Publishing, & Marketing Your Very own "How-to" Book, eBook or Manual.

Coming in 2010