Fiction Writer Unleashes Detective Novel from a New Perspective

Debut author, Joe Humphrey, has managed to do something in the Private Eye genre that probably has not been seen at any time prior.  He plans to reinvigorate the genre with his new novel, A Dirty Business, which tells the story of a deprived New Yorker who makes a fateful entry into the private investigation industry sans any knowledge of the ins and outs of the field itself, which is a rather original approach, given all the conventions associated with the genre.  What results from Humphrey’s valiant attempt is a tautly written account of the inexpert efforts of a unique novice detective, who is sent on a twisted trail that involves deception, betrayal, intrigue, and, greatest of all, murder.

The book conveys an atmospheric tale with a strong prose style that reads like a throwback to the greats.  Not only are interesting and flawed characters explored, but we are taken on a thrill ride through interesting parts of New York itself, which acts as a fitting backdrop to a tale about privileged socialites with inner demons and a detective whose purpose it is to disclose them.

The dialogue in A Dirty Business is crisp, and as real as any taken from real life, and one can envision the various scenes depicted with incredible clarity, owing to the simple yet deft writing of Mr. Humphrey, who seems destined for greatness.

A Dirty Business, in short, is a must-read, for fans of mystery fiction, and those who have yet to dabble in the genre.

The book is available at and Barnes &  You can also request it at your local bookstore via ISBN: 978-09749411-9-6.. The ebook can be purchased on the ebooks link on this site.


New Author Page on amazon from Jaime Vendera

Jaime Vendera has created an author page and added a video to promote his 3-book vocal training system. Check it out at


Author Jaime Vendera co-authoring two new voice training books

Jaime Vendera, author of Raise Your Voice, is currently working on two new vocal related books; Scream and Sing Out Loud.

Scream is a collaborative work with vocalist Ray West (Spread Eagle, All points West) and will focus on all types of screams from heavy metal to grunge to deth metal. The level of explanation and intensity will far surpass what hasbeen explained in Raise your Voice.

Sing Out Loud is being co-written with Anne Mcgee, who co-write Strengthening Your Singing Voice with  vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine.

 Both books are scheduled for a spring release in 2010


Vendera Publishing Welcomes New Authors

Vendera publishing welcomes authors Ann Bailey, Kate Cameron, Ben Carroll, Eric Clemenzi and Michael Rocchio. All four authors are prestigious musicians each offering their musical knowledge in the form of written work covering the following topics:

Ann Bailey, (aka ThunderLungs) and Kate Cameron; both well know session singers, are currently working on their first book discussing the ins and outs of session singing.

Ben Carroll, solo artist and guitarist of RA, is working on a complete guitar series that covers his unique approach to instrumental instruction

Virtuoso guitarist Eric Clemnzi is working on his first published work covering music theory and a new and innovative way, based onhis approach to teaching.

Classically trained rock singer Michael Rocchio is writing his first vocal instruction training manual, in an effort to span the gap between the classical and modenr technique.

Check back soon to see their author profiles and to hear the latest news on their releases.

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