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711 Press publishes first space opera


With the rise of space epics over the past few years with the relaunch of Battlestar Galactica, and now Disney buying the rights to Star Wars, as well as new movies such as After Earth, Oblivion, and Elysium hitting the big screen, 711 Press has joined the ranks with the release of Phoenix Earth. The first complete season is now available with the second complete season to be released at the end of June, 2013. Phoenix Earth is another show in our TV Book line, featuring episodic titles of which are compiled to form a full TV Book season. That's 13 action-packed episodes (or "bookisodes") in all. Each one will take you roughly 30 minutes to read.



About This Season:


After the final cataclysm claimed Earth, and seeding failed on Mars, the surviving humans had only one choice—seek out a new planet or die. Eventually, the surviving humans discovered Malakar, a small planet millions of miles away. In time, the two races merged, creating a new breed called Maluan. However, racism soon spread throughout the planet and the human and Maluans faced total extinction by evil Malakarans known as Creks. In a politically charged move to sweep the planet clean of all non-purebloods, the descendants of the human race are forced off Malakar to relocate to a planet dubbed X67 by Malakaran authorities. What unfolds is a maniacal scheme to destroy the Maluans and humans before they reach their new home, forcing them to leap at the speed of thought to a dead planet no one has seen in more than five hundred years: Earth. Phoenix Earth follows the lives of an eclectic group as they bond together to stay alive and begin anew as they discover new alien races and struggle to help Earth rise from the ashes.



Thank you for your "Beyond the Voice" support

WOW, we are overwhelmed by the response for the Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up video. It's driving me to work harder on finishing the rest of the videos in the series. As a token of appreciation, I want you to know that every person who has bought Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up will receive a discount code for an additional 25% off his next video, Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout. You don't have to do anything special. You are already added to the list and will be contacted before anyone else, and only YOU will receive this discount. As with Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up, we will offer the new video at $19.97 for a limited time (regularly $24.97) and you will be able to take your additional 25% off the $19.97 price for a cost of $14.97.Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout will not be released for several months, but we won't forget you:) In the meantime, practice along with the first video to keep your voice in shape. For those of you who haven't bought the video yet, you'll automatically be added to this list through the month of August. 

PS- For those of you who know of beginning or teen singers looking for the quickest, most effective method of discovering their vocal potential, I've also released a new 4-book system co-authored with Anne Loader McGee (co-author of Strengthening Your Singing Voice), entitled Sing Out Loud, which functions a a series of assignments for helping the beginning and young singer to develop their vocal technique, find their voice and take it to the stage. Check it out HERE.



Jaime Vendera's Digital Vocal Coach Available through iTunes

The Vendera Digital Vocal Coach Free Edition is available on itunes, and soon on Droid. It is very basic, but will allow you to do the Isolation Method from my book, Raise Your Voice Second Edition. The full-fledged suite of vocal training tools mentioned in Raise Your Voice will be included and more. Full version coming this summer! Get your free copy now!- #iTunes


New Book for School Teachers, Speakers and Singers

Vendera Publishing welcomes our new author Valerie Bastien and her debut book, Voice Yourself in the Classroom.

VOICE YOURSELF IN THE CLASSROOM is a book dedicated to teachers
and the speaking voice. It offers a holistic approach to finding your natural dynamic voice through proper placement exercises and using correct breath support in order to be heard above a crowd. Because there is more to speaking than the technical aspects of sound production, Voice Yourself in the Classroom thinks outside of the box by providing step-by-step roadmaps from warming up the voice to innovative ideas and lesson plans to help create a pleasant, comfortable, positive and thriving learning environment.
• Find your very own beautiful voice and maintain it
• Warm up your voice and strengthen your vocal power
• Protect your voice against colds and allergies
• Increase your overall bodily health
• Teach your students to focus and be kind
• End classroom disruptions
Empowering and meaningful, Voice Yourself in the Classroom is the most comprehensive and effective teacher resource guide for vocal health. Love your voice; it’s the most wonderful and intricate instrument of all!
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