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Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up

The first video in the Beyond the Voice series is Jaime's Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up. This downloadable 40+ minute instructional video takes you on a visual tour through the pages of Raise Your Voice, covering Jaime's non-vocal scale warm up section in part three of his book. In this video, he will cover his simplistic approach to his three-point vocal technique approach, explain his "Isolation method" as applied to vocal warm ups such as Lip Bubbles, Humms, and Chewbaccas, as walk you through the Vocal Stress Release program- the ultimate reflexology massage & stretching program to get your voice and body ready for the stage & studio. This is the warm up for the singer who prefers a non-scale based warm up, yet wants to maintain their voice night after night of performing, during rehearsals, and in the recording studio. Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up is the same method used by singers like James Labrie (Dream Theater), Clayton Stroope (Thriving Ivory), and  Kevin Rudolf and can be applied to all styles including rock, gospel, opera, blues, pop, and country.

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