Vocal Coach To Celebrity Rock and Pop Singers Says "Give me just 20 Minutes A Day And I’ll Show You Such A Dramatic Change In Your Voice You’ll Instantly Know I’m The Real Deal”

After years of coaching, I'm finally revealing to you the little known, yet very simplistic vocal techniques that I’ve taught to world famous rock and pop singers. My name is Jaime Vendera and I’m going to introduce to you what I call the “Ultimate Vocal Workout” which is the exact same methods used by bands and singers you hear on the radio every single day...and it only takes as little as 20 minutes a day to improve!

Here are the secrets and why world class singers keep me as their “Secret Weapon”

If you've ever wanted to front a world famous band there are five things you must have...


  1. Power- Both star power and vocal power come from your ability to use your voice correctly every time. Failure to do this can destroy your vocal reputation when you sound great on a CD because of sound engineering “touch up” jobs and then sound really bad live. (And the singer is the star of the band…you can typically replace other members…the singer usually isn’t one of them.)
  2. Consistency-It’s a known fact in the music industry that if you can’t sustain a powerful voice night after night you’ll never make it as a rock singer. If your voice can’t make it through a grueling tour then you’re not going to be making money for the powers that be and they’ll focus their attentions elsewhere. (Or worse, you get caught lip syncing or singing completely out of tune and trash your reputation.)
  3. Range-This is one of the most misunderstood concepts that separate the amazing singers from those that just think they’re amazing. Amazing singers have sustainable range and know how to use it…the singers that are rock stars in their own minds just sound the same in every song but in reality have a very limited capability on what they can really do.
  4. The belief you CAN-I’ve seen singers with very strong abilities that will likely never make it. Why? Because, unfortunately, while they have strong vocal abilities, when it comes time to use them they become far too frightened. And you can definitely hear it. I’ll show you more on how to cultivate belief in yourself into an unshakable certainty and blow the roof off any venue you perform in.
  5. A coach that knows what they’re doing- Many people think these singers just get up on stage and do what they do…not so. They’re constantly practicing with a coach because their coach will hear things that they don’t hear…a good coach will make sure you can always perform anywhere at anytime. Whether you’re fighting off a cold…you’ve lost your voice…or you suddenly get the worse case of stage fright ever…your coach will be there for you.

World Class Singers All Know This…

The 5 points above are not optional…they’re absolutely mandatory if you want to even stand a chance at rocking the big crowds and really living your dream as a rock singer.

The good news is this could potentially be the most important message you’ll ever read.

You’ve probably never heard of me BUT…

Here’s Why You Should Listen To Me…

I’ve been studying voice for over twenty years and coaching singers since 1996. During the last decade and a half I’ve created some of the most intense, voice saving techniques for rock singers, all the while speaking out against outright harmful voice techniques, and shattering myths of what everyone thought the human voice was capable of.

What this means for you is I'm going to show you only the best techniques I've come up with and give you over twenty years of information "crash course" style and transform your voice in days instead of years.


You may have seen me on TV shows like Good Morning America, Myth Busters, Dr. Oz, and Humanly Impossible (where I shattered the myth that a wine glass couldn’t be shattered with the voice.) I’ve also been invited onto and appeared on TV shows in France, Japan, and Germany to showcase my vocal abilities.


As a side note I do hold a world record as the first documented singer to shatter a wine glass with voice alone. (I’ll even teach you how to do that if you want to learn.)


Some of my vocal clients are musicians from bands like Dream Theater, Thriving Ivory, Vains Of Jenna and RA just to name a few…I’ll introduce you to some more of them later. So you know you’re in good company.


And the only way I figured all this out was through tremendous trial and error. If you’re like me you’ve probably been told that you’re a certain vocal type and you can’t sing outside of that range. BULL…I was told by one of my first vocal coaches that I was a bass and won’t be able to sing much more above that…and now I can hit soprano notes with ease.


Being a multi-octave singer isn’t difficult when you know how to do it…and yes you will impress the right people when you’ve got a sustainable multi-octave range.


But What If I’m Just A Beginner?


Great…that means that there will be a lot less bad habits for you to break. Realize that I sucked when I first started out singing and know that it takes practice. But with the right practice you shortcut your learning curve since the majority of time other singers spend practicing is not actually to improve what they’ve got, but is spent breaking the bad habits they unknowingly stumbled into.


I created this program to show you exactly what I do so you can know the right way to sing while other singers are shaking their heads saying “You shouldn’t be able to do that…and you’ve been singing for how long?!”




                                 ***ALL NEW AND REVISED FOR 2013***


The Ultimate Vocal Workout is a COMPLETELY DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM that will help take any serious singer to the next level. Here’s a taste of what being an ultimate singer is all about…

  • Knowing you can hit the notes of any song you’re singing with absolute certainty.

  • Singing for hours on end five-six days a week like the pros do without the worry of losing your voice.

  • Never having to spend hours doing vocal scales every day…I’ve got a unique exercise system that makes doing vocal scales almost obsolete. (This was born out of necessity to fit my busy schedule.)

  • Being able to hold out notes with more power and for longer than the majority of other singers.

Here’s A Look Behind The Curtain Of How
These Powerful Vocal Strategies Came To Be

First let me start off by telling you something very important. I am not just a vocal coach; I am a voice strengthening specialist!!! What's the difference? A vocal coach focuses on teaching you "how" to sing. This course goes beyond and teaches you how to build your instrument. If you want to learn to sing "Mary had a Little Lamb" this is not the course for you. This is a course to take you from a struggling singer to a vocal machine! Sure, this course will work for beginners and pros alike, but the focus behind The Ultimate Vocal Workout is to build vocal strength, just like upper body strength. But, I guarantee you that if you follow the program, (even if you've never sang a lick in your life) you will build a powerful instrument that will enable you to sing with beauty, freedom, strength, and grace.


When you get to know me you’ll know I’m about results…I want to know what works and throw out everything that doesn’t. It’s for that reason that along with my own trial and error I’ve sought out some of the best teachers in the world who are all experts in what they do…


That’s a key piece of information…if you want to be the best, you need to seek out the best and learn from them. Here are some of my teachers…


I’ve worked with and learned from my close friend Elizabeth Sabine who created killer techniques that are used by groups like Guns N' Roses, 38 Special, and Megadeth. Are you starting to see how you could benefit from knowing what world-class rock singers know?


I learned to shatter glass by being mentored by Jim Gillette of the rock band Nitro. Jim is the 80’s rock vocal legend with a six octave range that blows everyone away. His teaching gave me a multi-octave, super decibel vocal range within months.


In the early 90s, vocal coach Thomas Appell shed the light on the inner workings of the voice and I've never looked back. His guidance was immeasurable.


And the one master key I attribute my success to is my mindset and being able to control it at will. And the best guy that I have found who’s had a profound impact on my life is none other than Max Action. He’s a motivational speaker and action strategist…and the guy’s flippin' amazing.


So why am I telling you who I’ve learned from? Because you need to know that this isn’t something I created out of thin air…it’s been tested and proven over the last twenty+ years with information coming not just from myself but from the best in the business.


And you’re getting all of it…once again I don’t want to use everything out there, I only want what works the best. So I’ve distilled twenty years of testing and rolled the best info of four MEGA teachers into this all out “no holds barred” vocal program.


So Is This Easy And Can I Do It?”

Definitely is! With the right techniques like I’m going to show you…you can improve your tone, range, stamina and power in weeks instead of years. These techniques are easily done and you’ll notice a positive change in the quality of your voice almost instantly.


There are two reasons that someone can practice a technique for several years and only sound marginally better…

  1. The technique isn’t fundamentally easy to use and you end up doing it wrong and sounding worse than when you started...or

  2. (This is the more likely one) The technique isn’t producing results.

There is only one reason rock singers seek me out…because I have a track record of getting the results I say I can. (TIP: when choosing a vocal coach…go with one that has a proven track record of getting the results you want.)


Don’t take it from me though…here are some of my friends and clients…


I’ve been singing in the shower for years, and have never had any kind of formal voice training. With about three minutes of instruction and a healthy dose of his seamlessly boundless enthusiasm, Jaime Vendera helped me to shatter a crystal wine glass with my voice (through an amplifier, but still, we had professional opera singers that couldn’t do it!) He’s one of the easiest guys I’ve worked with, has apparently no ego, (in a good way) and for helping me bust a myth that we thought only the highest-trained singers could achieve, I dub him an honorary MythBuster.

Adam Savage-Co-host, MythBusters, on the Discovery Channel


I’ll Not Only Show You How To Sing…I’ll Show You How To Howl Like A Banshee, Add Grit Like A Monster, And Even Shatter Glass With Your Voice!

There’s a reason you won’t find anything like this anywhere else…it’s because nobody else knows how to teach it. So what I’ve done is created a complete home study course with massive follow up so you too will have the polish of a professional singer and the edge of a rock star. (And more importantly the ability to really impress the people that matter along with even the most dedicated skeptics. )


So here’s what’s in the Ultimate Vocal Workout Package…



This DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM contains nine ebooks, including a printable version of the Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary, two performance edge mind programming MP3s, two audio warmups, over seven hours of instructional video (including accompanying audio exercises) and four hours of instructional audio to skyrocket your vocal potential to a whole new level. Here's a breakdown of each component:

#1- Raise Your Voice Second Edition...

The four volume deluxe pdf edition of Raise Your Voice- This program is set up in four different volumes so you can go through it piece by piece noticing improvement in your voice while still consistently learning the nuances and keeping your voice fresh.


There are four hundred pages combined in these four volumes so you know that no question will be left unanswered. I’ve put the most detailed information in it so it’ll be like I’m right there with you in the room.


Here is a fraction of what we’ll be going over…

  • The secret to “Power Breathing”…This is the secret weapon behind singing solid notes and powerful screams without tearing up your cords. (Hint- It doesn't take a lot of breath on those high notes like you've been told.)

  • How and where to place your voice for easy and effortless range (This small change takes about a minute to do, but makes all the difference and you’ll hear it.)

  • How to develop a signature vocal style to avoid sounding like everyone else. You’ll be instantly recognized when heard instead of people always asking each other “Who sings this?”

  • The best vocal diet and exercise program. Even the best singers will sound like crap out if they’re not properly caring for their instrument.

  • Mixed, falsetto and full voice development so you’re prepared to change up your voice on command if you need to.

  • How to hit high notes that you thought you couldn’t reach without your voice cracking or breaking…you just need to know how to support it.

  • Increase your ability to instantly sustain your notes an extra three-seven seconds with this trick to develop your maximum breathing potential.

  • How to make sure you eliminate the embarrassing “Tone Deaf Syndrome”. About four out of ten singers think they sound great while everyone else around them is wincing.

  • Tips for progressing even further when you’ve hit a vocal plateau.

  • My secret technique of “Song Mapping” which will allow you to master any singing style or any song.

  • Plus much more from song writing tips to how to choose which microphone will make you sound amazing and which ones to stay away from.

As you can see I wanted to make sure everything got covered and I’ve even thrown in some things that you wouldn’t even think to ask…but I’ve come across it in my time, so it’s in there.


#2- Raise Your Voice Members Sections…

You’re also going to get access to the Raise Your Voice member’s only section where I’ve included some kick arse tools to help you get the most out of the Raise Your Voice System. In the member’s section you’ll find…

  • Over SEVEN hours of video tutorials where we’ll cover some of the biggest aspects of singing and you can practice along with me. (It’s the next best thing to actually being there.) Plus you can do these lessons at your leisure and rewind if you need to.

  • I’ve also included downloadable versions of the vocal scales I use in the videos so you can have them right there with you.

  • Four hours of instructional audio (In RYV 1 & 2 member's sections) so you’ll have examples you can listen to and train your ear with. Ear training and being able to hear what’s right and what’s not is crucial.

  • Access to the singer’s message board which is an invaluable resource so you can keep in contact with other singers and chart your progress. If you didn’t know already, the music business is a relationship business and the better relationships you have the better your chances of making it big…this is a perfect opportunity for you to meet and mastermind with like minded people and possibly create that “Big Break” for yourself.


#3- The Ultimate Breathing Workout...

In this ebook we’re going to dive even deeper into breathing and techniques to have you mastering your breath in no time. Breathing is directly tied to your ability to sing…if you can’t breathe correctly you won’t be able to sing.


I’m going to be showing you breathing isometrics that will add both decibel power to your voice and allow you to sustain a note for an extended period of time (And by extended period I’m talking about the ability to hold a strong powerful note for thirty seconds and more without cracking or wavering.)

And of course I wanted to go the extra mile for you so I’ve included some downloadable audio examples so you can hear exactly what I’m talking about.


 #4-The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary...

I won't be happy unless you succeed, so I created a diary that will allow you to track your progress daily. This is a printable pdf diary will motivate you to finish your workouts and within weeks you can review and be amazed at how your voice has grown in range and power.






#5-Raise Your Voice 2: the Advanced Manual...

In Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual, glass-shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera unveils his most innovative exercise designed to explode a singer’s voice beyond their potential.  The “Ultimate Isolation Exercise” is comprised of a six-exercise stack, which takes approximately one minute per pitch.  By stacking Jaime’s top warm up and workout exercises, the vocal muscles are strengthened in a unique manner to assure increased vocal range, power, improved tonal quality, and stamina, while cutting practice time by as much as two-thirds. This book is NOT for the beginner, and should only be attempted by dedicated Raise Your Voice students! As well, Jaime revisits key components of his RYV methodology and introduces advanced students to new muscle building concepts and warm ups/ cool downs, including “stair-stepping” exercises, Vocal Stage Prep, and the Voice & Body Cool Down. For those yearning to enhance their vocal potential in minimal time, and go beyond their plateau, RYV2 is the answer!


#6-Voice RX Vocal Recovery System…

As we’ve said before if you can’t sustain your voice because you’re sick or you’ve torn your voice out of your throat from poor vocal technique then you’re not going to last long touring or keeping signed with a record label.


Fortunately for you I’ve created the Voice RX Vocal Recovery System…This system came about because I kept getting dragged out of bed with a hysterical phone call that a singer on tour lost their voice during a gig and absolutely had to be able to sing the next night or the show would be cancelled. (You can replace a drummer; you can’t replace the singer.)


So what I’ve done is compiled my most powerful and secret techniques that I’ve taught to touring singers to get their full voice back within a couple hours and sometimes within a few minutes.


This system comes with the brand new completely revised Voice RX ebook guide and a special recovery warm up mp3 based on one simple exercise that restores blood flow back into your vocal cords in record time with minimum force.


I’m showing you the exact same exercise I used to scream for eight hours shattering wine glasses and training opera singers to being on set at 6AM the next morning to shatter a wine glass on Good Morning America.


Believe me this stuff works and your voice will NEVER be the reason for a canceled show.


 #7-Vocal Reset...

This latest ebook/program is a continuation of Voice RX for singers who have dealt with vocal issues over a period of weeks, months or years. If your sore throat isn't the result of a one-night scream fest and you are fed up with constantly clearing your throat, it might be time to “reset” your voice. This brand new program is extreme, but if followed, will help you to "reset" your voice and recover what you've vocally lost!





#8-The Air & Water Diet...

The Air & Water Diet is a new way of life or, better yet, a return to a natural way of life, one you were born to live. By returning to the natural, correct way of breathing, and by meeting your body’s hydration requirements with good old water, you CAN and WILL increase your metabolism, which will give you a more desirable body weight while increasing overall health and energy.
Though this book addresses weight management, it is the third book in the Voice RX trilogy, written for musicians who need to regain natural energy for better performance and stage stamina.

The Air & Water Diet is a new way of life or, better yet, a return to a natural way of life, one you were born to live. By returning to the natural, correct way of breathing, and by meeting your body’s hydration requirements with good old water, you CAN and WILL increase your metabolism, which will give you a more desirable body weight while increasing overall health and energy.Though this book addresses weight management, it is the third book in the Voice RX trilogy, written for musicians who need to regain natural energy for better performance and stage stamina.

#9-Unleash Your Creative Mindset...

The Mindset program is a simple, daily method designed to reprogram your mind by tapping into your creative mindset, which will unleash an unlimited supply of new ideas, eliminate writer's block, motivate the user to overcome procratination, to see their vision to completion. Learn the secret to to turning on the creativity switch within your own mind, stay motivate 24/7, and become successful doing what you love. This is the same program the author, Jaime Vendera used to author and produce dozens of books, set a glass-shattering world record, and appear on television shows around the world.


Regardless of your goals, Mindset teaches you how to program you mind (just like a computer) through a simple mind/body process, a four-minute meditation, and by answering five simple questions every day. Are you ready to change your life by unleashing your creative mindset? The answer lies within.


#10-Online Teaching Secrets Revealed...

I've been training singers all over the world online Via Skype for years now, and I've received a lot of questions from students concerning what equipment was best for a Skype lesson as well a from coaches wishing to take avantage of online technology. So, I've written a book that explains it all, whether you're a student who needs to know which mic and webcam are best for online lessons, or a coach curious about the process. It's all in this ebook!




#11 & 12-The Vocal Mindset Complete Audio MP3 Program Parts I & II…

This is a program I felt so strongly about that I actually got my friend and mentor Max Action to be a part of. Max is a world-renowned motivational speaker and an expert on action psychology and conditioning. Max had actually created a "Glass Breaking Mindset" program specifically for me. In fact, it's my secret weapon before show time and no one else but the two of us will ever hear it;) However, it was so effective that I wanted Max to create something similar for singers.


Vocal Mindset I works hand in hand with mentally mastering the techniques in this system, while amping up your confidence to master the stage. It was specifically created to break the barriers of your mind to give you the winning edge to master this system and the stage. Vocal Mindset puts your subconscious into “Rock Star” mode, so you see the performance in your mind, and experience the roar of the crowd, all before hitting the stage...So that every time you hit the stage, you own the stage!


Vocal Mindset II is the next step to vocal self-discovery, dealing more with the internal subconscious workings of the mind that affect the way you mentally and physically feel about your voice. It's your vocal therapist!


I strongly believe that your mindset is key to getting your body to do what it’s capable of doing with certainty and consistency. This audio program is going to help you master my exercises, conquer the stage and turn you into a power house performer that can ROCK THE HOUSE!


I’m Even Throwing In Some Extra Gifts For You...


Free Gift #1- The Ultimate Vocal Warm Up Mp3…

This warm up is what I had created and mixed by sound engineer Dallan Beck. It is based on some of the vocal warm ups I show you in Raise Your Voice. It’s got hums, gargles, falsetto, full voice, lip bubbles and more. It’s a great variation warm up I highly recommend. I personally use it every day as well as before my glass shattering show, vocal workshops and other performances. You can't go wrong with this warm up!


 Free Gift #2-Glass Shattering Mindset mp3...

This was MY personal 8-minute glass shattering mindset program created for me by Matt Adams in 2010 when I was flying to Japan for a television show. I've been using this mp3 ever since to keep my mind and voice in glass shattering shape. This prgram is not for sale! So, why would I give it away? To reasons: One, I have many students who want to shatter glass, so I figured this mp3 might give them the other leg, and it goes hand in hand with Vocal Mindset I  II. Two, I've advanced past the Vocal Mindst programs and I'm now using a new program which Matt created for me called the "Glass Shattering Vocal Mindset 3D," based on his new Vocal Mindset 3D series, which is soon to be released.

The first bonus alone will shave off weeks of practice time. As soon as you download your copy, immediately start using Free Gift #1 to warm up your voice. In fifteen minutes your voice will feel amazing! Even without beginning your training by reading the ebooks, you'll feel vocall much better and be prepared for you get started with the Isolation exercises, the main staple of this system. When you start the Isolation Method, you can be finished in as little as 20 MINUTES A DAY! I'll show you how!


The Ultimate Vocal Workout comes with bonuses that you'll instantly receive via email once you've purchased the program.  What are these bonuses? That's for Ultimate Vocal Workout users to discover. Let's just say that these bonuses are worth many times the price of the system.

So How Much Is It?


I’m going to make this a brain dead decision for you because I know how difficult it is learning through trial and error. I created this system because this is the system I would have killed to have when I was starting out.

It’s a complete brain and experience dump of everything I’ve been through over the last twenty years unedited so you don’t have to go through the same trial and error process that I did. This experience means that you’re getting everything that’s proven to work and I’ve cut out all the things that don’t.

That’s the reason why I can train powerful singers in weeks instead of years…it’s because we’re using only what works.

So the real question is what would it be worth to you to fast track your voice training and skip all the outdated vocal techniques that can actually hurt your voice?

I could easily charge five times the price because the eleven hours in bonus audio/video tutorials alone would cost you $1100.00 in private Skype lessons with me and I guarantee you that even at that price, The Ultimate Vocal Workout would still be worth every penny…heck it’d even be worth it to prevent you from needing vocal cord surgery because of harmful vocal exercises. FYI- I put together those eleven+ hours as a FREE bonus that I promised I'd NEVER charge my students for. I did it because I wanted to release a complete afffordable system that I would have wanted for myself...and I want you to be able to have it too…So I’m going to give you a smoking deal on everything you read above for a measly $179.00, which is STILL priced 10% less than if you bought each product individually, (not even including the Glass Shattering Mindset, which I wouldn't sell for less than a hundred dollars)! I'm practically giving away my years of vocal knowledge!

You Will Sing Guarantee

I’m so confident in the Ultimate Vocal Workout that I will guarantee your investment in yourself for a full two months. That’s eight weeks for you to tear into this program and use all the tools and prove it to yourself that this is by far the best vocal course you’ve ever seen.

If after sixty days you can honestly tell me that you don’t sound better after using this vocal workout then I will personally offer a FREE 30-minute Skype consultation to help you iron out the kinks!

I’m going to carry all the risk on my back because I know from training thousand’s of singers what works and what doesn’t, and I know this will work for you!!!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Click to order right now and you can be practicing within the next ten minutes.




Buy NowInstant Download-$179.00


Powerful singers know they want to be the best and have the ultimate edge…this is your chance to get what they know but will never tell you.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to become a MEGA SINGING SENSATION!!              


Raise Your Voice,


PS- Still unsure?

In case you are wondering how powerful this system is, I've put together a series of free videos covering the bare bones basics, to give you a little taste of what The Ultimate Vocal Workout can do for you. In fact, I'd prefer you'd wait to buy my system and study this video series over the next week before you make your decision. I know once you've viewed my video mini-series, "Five Essential Elements to Becoming an Amazing Singer" you will be ready to take your voice to the next level. Simply fill out the form below to get started.

*Please note, all digital sales are final, so please make sure you are ready to invest in your voice before investing in this program. The Ultimate Vocal Workout will only work if you work too!


PSS- Remember you get a chance to ask me questions directly through my private email so I can get you pointed in the right direction in the course instantly. I’ve been doing this for a long time so I know what will work best with this system. This alone will save you weeks if not months of practicing incorrectly. (Shhh- make sure to read the "Welcome" email, because you'll find more bonuses, such as 50% off your first Skype lesson for those of you who want private instruction!)

What have you got to lose? I’m guaranteeing the Ultimate Vocal Workout 100% for sixty days so you’ll get tons of practice time in with no risk to you whatsoever. This is a “can’t lose” opportunity so get your copy right now!

PSSST-$179.00 too much??? If the price is more than you can afford, we've got a better deal for you. why not build your own workout? Simply go to Build Your Own Ultimate Vocal Workout and put together what works for you and fits your prices range. We will continually be adding new products, from myself AND my coaches, such as Elizabeth Sabine and Jim Gillette, so you can build your voice without breaking your wallet!