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Jaime Vendera

JAIME VENDERA IS THE FIRST PERSON IN HISTORY documented on film to shatter a wineglass by the power of his voice alone. He has appeared on several televised shows demonstrating the power of his glass shattering voice, including Good Morning America and MythBusters, as well as on television shows internationally including Europe, China, and Japan.

He has taught thousands of singers worldwide, including singers from bands such as Dream Theater. As an author, Jaime has released over a dozen books, videos, and audio programs for singers, and co-produced fiction titles for 711 Press with partner, Daniel Middleton. Jaime has been featured in magazines, textbooks, and on radio shows worldwide. His wife, Diana Vendera, is the owner of Vendera Publishing; a publishing company dedicated to helping musicians and new authors take their non-fiction instructional books from dream to reality. 

His books have been read and praised by members and singers of bands such as, TNT, Nitro, Dream Theater, Journey, Saliva, Chevelle, Shinedown, Sevendust, Puddle Of Mudd, Kill Hannah, Dokken, Godhead, The Rasmus, Machina, Avalon, The Dreaming, Theory of a Deadman, Kill Hannah, RA, Thriving Ivory, Vains of Jenna and Future Leaders of the World. He has also worked with and given tips to many of these artists.

As well, Jaime created the Beyond the Voice instructional video series, the Extreme Scream audio training series, TUNED XD iPhone/iPad app, and the Vendera Vocal Academy.

He is endorsed by many top companies, including, Clarus (Qlink), TC Helicon, IK Multimedia, and Neilmed Pharmaceuticals.

Jaime honed his vocal training skills by playing professionally since the age of sixteen, then moving to Hollywood California at nineteen to study voice at the Musician Institute. He further progressed his knowledge by reading books and studying CDs & DVDs on the voice, yoga, massage therapy, reflexology, hypnosis, anatomy, natural healing, physical fitness, as well as through the guidance of Metal singer/vocal coach, Jim Gillette of 80s band Nitro. Jaime has worked with artists from several record companies, including Atlantic, Epic, Road Runner and Universal records and now teaches exclusively through RockSource360.

Jaime is the official spokesman for the Vocal Acoustic Monitor, made by VAM Acoustics.  Jaime is featured on all of their packaging. As of this writing, Jaime has shattered  168 glasses by the power of his voice alone and over 70 with the aid of an amplifier and continues to be addicted to flying shards of glass.

His forte as a vocal coach is "Voice Strengthening Specialist" as was the title of Elizabeth Sabine, (Guns N' Roses, 38 Special,etc.) another famous coach of Jaime's. Jaime is the guy to prepare, build and strengthen your voice for more range and power and prepare you for night after night of touring. Artists call Jaime when they are on the road and experiencing vocal burnout, strain, or loss of voice. Jaime has been known to get artists through a night of performing when they thought it was impossible.  His motto is "Less Lessons"; meaning that he believes in giving the artist as few lessons as possible to fix the problem and get them back out on stage.

His unique techniques for vocal range, power and stamina are a result of his unique training methods which consist of the Vocal Stress Release Program and the Isolation Method, along with Vocal Health training and visualization. In fact, he is know as "the motivational vocal coach" as Jaime believes in the power of the mind to overcome vocal obstacles and fears.

Whether you need your book published, your stage performance polished or your voice brought up to its maximum potential, Jaime Vendera is the man to see.