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Vocal Mindset II

Vocal Mindset II is a 30-minute  guided meditation program created by Jaime Vendera and motivational world renowned speaker/hypnotherapist, Matt Adams, (aka Max Action) that was specifically designed to take you to the next step beyond Vocal Mindset; it was designed for singers who want to own the stage. This program is very similar in concept to Vocal Mindset, but focuses more on the artistry side of stage performance while helping you find your inner voice. For best results, alternate between Vocal Mindset and Vocal Mindset II.


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Voice RX Warm Up

The Voice RX Warm Up is a series of sing-along vocal scales by Jaime Vendera that work hand in hand with Voice RX 2nd Edition. Based on the "Lip Bubble" exercise, each scale is designed to bring more blood flow to your vocal cords while easing sore throat pain and re-establishing your voice. Sing along with Jaime so you can sing/speak tonight!

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