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Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual

One exercise, one minute, one new voice…

In Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual, glass-shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera unveils his most innovative exercise designed to explode a singer’s voice beyond their potential.  The “Ultimate Isolation Exercise” is comprised of a six-exercise stack, which takes approximately one minute per pitch.  By stacking Jaime’s top warm up and workout exercises, the vocal muscles are strengthened in a unique manner to assure increased vocal range, power, improved tonal quality, and stamina, while cutting practice time by as much as two-thirds. This book is NOT for the beginner, and should only be attempted by dedicated Raise Your Voice students! As well, Jaime revisits key components of his RYV methodology and introduces advanced students to new muscle building concepts and warm ups/ cool downs, including “stair-stepping” exercises, Vocal Stage Prep, and the Voice & Body Cool Down. For those yearning to enhance their vocal potential in minimal time, and go beyond their plateau, RYV2 is the answer!

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Raise Your Voice by Jaime Vendera

Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is a 400-page vocal training manual for rock singing, covering many aspects of voice/singing including health, anatomy, training and performance. Raise Your Voice is based on Jaime Vendera’s ‘Isolation Method’ for increasing stamina, power and range, and his ‘Vocal Stress Release Program’, designed to enable an artist to sing night after night on the road. Book comes with 9+ hours of instructional audio & video accessible via the Members section at



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Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top: The Musician's Guide to Health, Wealth and Success by Dr. Timothy Jameson,  author of Repetitive Strain Injuries: Alternative Treatments and Prevention, and co-authored by Jaime Vendera, will be the first book of many written by Dr. Jameson through Vendera Publishing. Following is the introduction to the book, which is due out before the end of 2009:

Are you considering a career as a musical artist?  Are you a musician or vocalist reaching a plateau in your career?  Do you have a nagging injury that is holding you back from excelling in your musicianship?  Are you looking for the secret clues that the highly successful musicians already know? Then this is the book for you!

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Sing Out Loud

The Sing Out Loud series is an innovative vocal training program designed specifically for kids, teens, and beginning singers. Each book is filled with pictures, illustrations and audio files, designed to function like a personal vocal coach, with easy, fun, step-by-step assignments that will help the beginning singer develop their singing voice. 

Book I 

Sing Out Loud Book I: Discovering Your Voice is all about finding your own voice. Understanding the three vital steps to vocal technique as well as vocally experimenting with a variety of sounds will help you discover your own unique sound and help you discover a healthy, effortless new way to sing. Book I comes with 40 downloadable instructional audio files.




Book II 

Sing Out Loud Book II: Developing Your Voice is a continuation of the first book in the series, and is designed to reinforce your understanding of correct vocal technique. Through a series of masterful vocal exercises and warm-ups, you will extend your range, improve your sound and gain pure vocal freedom. Book II comes with 29 downloadable instructional audio files.



Book III 

Sing Out Loud Book III: Owning Your Voice is where you’ll discover the art of singing by mastering vocal tricks, such as vibrato and tone coloring, while developing your singing skills by learning how to break down the key elements of any song. This is a sure-fire way to put you on the road to vocal success.Book III comes with 12 downloadable instructional audio files.



Book IV 

Sing Out Loud Book IV: Owning The Stage is all about your stage presence. You'll learn correct microphone technique, how to move around on stage, and perform before an audience. These techniques will help you conquer stage fright and have you feeling like a natural performer in no time flat.Book IV comes with comes with special section of continually updated material to keep you singing out loud.



The Sing Out Loud books can be purchased individually via or purchased as a packaged download featuring all four books.

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Warning: Do NOT buy this eBook if you are unfamiliar with Jaime Vendera's methods. This is a P90X-Style program that is only for the hardcore singer!!! In SingFit, Jaime Vendera explores a strange new world by combining vocal exercises with bodyweight exercises in a 30-Day Vocal Bootcamp (V30) based on the exercises and techniques from Raise Your Voice 1&2, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, Reclaim Your Voice, and Unleash Your Creative Mindset, while also introducing the new Voice&Body Workout, a simultaneous bodyweight/vocal workout, designed to increase vocal and physical stamina. You ARE your instrument, therefore it is time to strengthen the ENTIRE instrument---your body! This approach also strengthens the mid-range of the voice, the area in a singer's range where most vocal problems arise. By accepting the V30 Challenge, you'll improve the mid-range, develop vocal stamina, and get into the best singing shape of your life so that you look AND sound great on stage!Again, SingFit is a book and program designed for serious students of Jaime Vendera's methods. SingFit refers to many exercises that must first be learned by studying Raise Your Voice 1&2, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, and Unleash Your Creative Mindset. While SingFit DOES contain a new vocal program (The Voice&Body Workout) that can be used every day as a standalone workout without studying Jaime Vendera's previous materials, it is HIGHLY recommended that you are already familiar with all previous materials in order to complete the 30-Day Vocal Bootcamp. If you're ready to accept and tackle the most insane and demanding vocal training challenge of your life, then download SingFit now! Forget fit, let's get SingFit!
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