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Let's Party, Here's How: Hawaiian Luau for Kids

Easy step by step directions to guide you in structuring and organizing an award-winning luau while avoiding those last minute typhoons.

In this book you will find:

Exotic decorating ideas to turn your home into a tropical paradise.

Invitations that will leave guests longing to set sail for some remote South Sea Island.

Feast on tropical treats and Island delights.

Island coolers that will quench any thirst with a Polynesian flair.

Limbo and hula the day away with activities and games that will keep those moon doggies busy for hours.

Plus much more!
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Let's Party, Here's How:Thrills & Chills Children's Halloween Party

Ready for a Hauntingly great Halloween? But "beware"... you will have a great time! Easy step-by-step-directions will help you organize and structure a successful party avoiding any last minute scares. You will be shown:

• Ghoulishly great decorations that will make your home hauntingly eerie

• Enchanting invitations that will spellbind your guests

• Devilishly good desserts. The trick of these treats lies in their simplicity.

• Bubbling party potions that can quench any thirst

• Spooky Kooky party games that will keep the little monsters busy for hours




Melody to Madness

In Melody to Madness, singer/songwriter/vocal coach Ray West (Spread Eagle/APW) shares his gift for helping singers discover their true singing voice. His step-by-step road map to vocal self-discovery leads each artist along their own vocal path through self-examination, voice strengthening exercises, primal scream techniques, and general life lessons based on Ray's personal journey to find his own voice. The Melody to Madness method reaches deep into the singer's soul, unveiling emotionally driven melodies, unique vocal tones, and otherworldly sounds beyond imaginable.
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Online Teaching Secrets Revealed

How would you like to turn what you know into dough? The online teaching business is booming and now is the time to join the onine teaching revolution! Anyone with a computer, webcam and headset, who has an area of expertise can share and turn that knowledge into cold-hard cash. Whether you are a school teacher who wants to tutor math, a piano player who wants to teach music, or a chess enthusiast who wants to share their winning "secrets", millions of people on the Internet want what you know!

Internet vocal coach Jaime Vendera shares his online teaching secrets that have gained him students from many famous bands as well as create an online writer's workshop series. This book guides you from beginning to end, explaining how easy it is to get started with equipment you already have and free programs on the Internet, making your start-up cost next to nothing. You'll learn the secrets to marketing yourself as an online instructor and learn how to expand your one-on-one online teaching business into online workshops, with up to several hundred attendees to increase your profits.

The book contains links to every site you'll need to start teaching today! Are you ready to turn what you know into dough? Learn how in "Online Teaching Secrets Revealed!"

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PractiSING: A Singer’s Guide to Overcoming Vocal Exercise Procrastination in Order to Skyrocket Singing Potential

Glass shattering vocal coach, honorary MythBuster, and author of Raise Your Voice,  Jaime Vendera  states that The #1 roadblock to vocal success isn’t a vocalist’s skill level, natural talent, or lack of vocal range, tone, or power; it’s procrastination. A singer’s motivational drive to practice vocal exercises when developing the voice is often hampered by dozen of excuses, leading to less and less time spent developing and strengthening the voice, with most time spent singing songs incorrectly. Unfortunately, many singers believe that having the ability to open one’s mouth and let the notes fly out equals “instant singer.” Sadly, this is not true. The “I don’t need to practice “ attitude concerning the human instrument exists far  less with other musicians, including guitarists, pianists, and drummer who dedicate hours of practice to perfecting their art. But  now, with Jaime’s new approach to vocal practice,  the singer will learn, develop, and love the art of practicing.

By facing your own self-sabotaging excuses and annihilating them from your belief system,  creating a specific dedicated time slot each day for vocal exercises, while also incorporating the “10,000 Challenge” and “Percentage Deduction Technique” you CAN overcome vocal exercise procrastination, learn to love vocal exercise, and experience greater vocal gains than you’ve ever imagined. Winners train and loser complain. It’s time to be a winner; it’s time for PractiSING!

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