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Can I Really Sing Higher? 40 of Your Most Pressing Questions About Singing, Answered

Yes, you really can sing higher! In fact, we were all born to sing high and loud, but we simply forgot “how to sing” along the way. In this to-the-point  book, world-renowned glass-shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera condenses over 15 years of experience working with thousands of singers from around the world, conducting countless voice lessons, based on simple vocal exercises shaped by Jaime’s unique approach to vocal technique for more voice strength and power that can set your voice free and make you a successful singer. Many singers have had unanswered questions concerning their voice and vocal instruction and now Jaime answers 40 of the most common questions singers have, such as:

Can I sing higher or am I stuck with the range I'm given?
Can I overcome stage fright?
Can I sing without straining?
How can I project my voice?
Can vibrato be learned?
What is breath support?
What is the best microphone?
and many others.

This book gives you access to the "Can I Really Sing Higher?" Members Section, complete with over 40 training videos for further vocal instruction guidance and VIP access to special group coaching sessions, teleseminars, and bonus training materials, including mini-vocal lessons.

This book also introduces you to some of Jaime's best-selling training, including Raise Your Voice, The Ultimate Vocal Workout, the Extreme Scream series, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, the Beyond the Voice video training series, and much more.


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Can I Really Sing with a Cold? 40 More of Your Most Pressing Questions About Singing, Answered

Yes, you really can sing with a cold, and in this follow-up booklet to glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera's "40 questions" ebook, the honorary MythBuster answers even MORE questions that he's received since releasing "Can I Really Sing Higher?" As well, Jaime sifted through countless posts and message board pages covering a span of nearly ten years to pick the next top 40 just for you, the singer. As usual, his answers are based on simple, yet super effective vocal techniques for more vocal range, health, strength, and power that can set your voice free and make you a successful singer. 
In book II of the "40 Questions series, you'll get even more in-depth advice that would cost you hundreds of dollars in lessons for only a fraction of that price! You'll receive answers to questions such as:
How can I sing with a cold?
Should I tune down when performing live?
How do I find the right vocal coach?
What is the pharyngeal voice?
How do I stay motivated and/or find the time to practice?
How can I reverse vocal nodules?
How can I set up a practice space that minimizes my sound?
and many others.
Are you ready to be the best singer you can be? Then prepare yourself for 40 MORE questions, answered!


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Crystal Gate

The first novel in Karisa DeLay's Crystal Gate series is that of intrigue and paranormal discovery, leading you along as good and evil wait for the balance of life to shift. While leaving you suspended, your new perspective of the world Alexis uncovers will have grabbing for the next book.

Alexis Zen, a brilliant physicist with a hidden past, wants only to understand human history and find a way to recreate the ancient technology that puzzles modern man, but her job of developing a top-secret device for the U.S. Military puts her projects on hold. However, when a loved one is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Alexis is plunged into an enigmatic world where dimensions open and supernatural beings emerge from the shadows. Unknown to Alexis, she holds the key that will unlock gates to the mysteries of the universe. As she gets closer to the truth, one person in her life will be more involved and cause the fate of the world- and her own sanity-to hang in the balance.

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Four Rivers

Picking up where Crystal Gate left off, Four Rivers finds Alexis Zen caught between worlds, facing the ultimate decision-to accept her destiny or follow her heart.
With the balance of good and evil titling, the architects of the universe return, forcing an ancient protector of Eden to open the gates, making the realm of Light vulnerable. As evil grows and searches for a way to bring back Alexis, the followers of Darkness begin to question their Master. While an old enemy comes out of the shadows, forcing Ben to reveal his true intentions to everyone, including the one he loves.

Will this take Alexis off course or will she trust where her heart has led her? She must decide and evil must be stopped, leaving one problem: how do you bind the Devil? 

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James Lugo's Vocal Insanity

Travel the road to vocal insanity with top LA vocal coach, James Lugo. In Vocal Insanity, you’ll discover how to unlock the pharyngeal voice; the cutting edge tone possessed by bands like Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, and more.

By mastering the pharyngeal voice and blend voice, you’ll have a powerhouse, rockstar, seamless voice from top to bottom. This book and audio series is concise and to the point; no fluff and buff stuff here. Plain and simple, this is the reality of what it takes to become a professional singer.

James Lugo has toured to world, sang on countless records, and trained some of the top names in the business. Now he’s ready to share his insane teaching style with you!

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