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Sing Out Loud

The Sing Out Loud series is an innovative vocal training program designed specifically for kids, teens, and beginning singers. Each book is filled with pictures, illustrations and audio files, designed to function like a personal vocal coach, with easy, fun, step-by-step assignments that will help the beginning singer develop their singing voice. 

Book I 

Sing Out Loud Book I: Discovering Your Voice is all about finding your own voice. Understanding the three vital steps to vocal technique as well as vocally experimenting with a variety of sounds will help you discover your own unique sound and help you discover a healthy, effortless new way to sing. Book I comes with 40 downloadable instructional audio files.




Book II 

Sing Out Loud Book II: Developing Your Voice is a continuation of the first book in the series, and is designed to reinforce your understanding of correct vocal technique. Through a series of masterful vocal exercises and warm-ups, you will extend your range, improve your sound and gain pure vocal freedom. Book II comes with 29 downloadable instructional audio files.



Book III 

Sing Out Loud Book III: Owning Your Voice is where you’ll discover the art of singing by mastering vocal tricks, such as vibrato and tone coloring, while developing your singing skills by learning how to break down the key elements of any song. This is a sure-fire way to put you on the road to vocal success.Book III comes with 12 downloadable instructional audio files.



Book IV 

Sing Out Loud Book IV: Owning The Stage is all about your stage presence. You'll learn correct microphone technique, how to move around on stage, and perform before an audience. These techniques will help you conquer stage fright and have you feeling like a natural performer in no time flat.Book IV comes with comes with special section of continually updated material to keep you singing out loud.



The Sing Out Loud books can be purchased individually via Amazon.com or purchased as a packaged download featuring all four books.

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