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11 Simple Steps: To Writing, Designing, Self-Publishing & Marketing Your Very First Book

For those of you who’ve always dreamed of writing a book but didn't know where to start, you’ve found the easiest method to take that book from dream to reality. From brainstorming to writing to production, publishing and promotion, 11 Simple Steps can help you become a full-fledged author, all without shelling out thousands of dollars. In 11 Simple Steps, the publishing process has been broken down into easy-to-read-and-accomplish chunks that will help you complete a variety of tasks, including overcoming writer’s block, finishing that book & cover, choosing the right printing company for you, creating multiple forms of digital book versions, building a website, getting booked on radio programs, finding book reviewers to promote your book for you, and innovative ways to turn one book into a full product line for multiple streams of income, all without driving you crazy. . . . The 11 Steps are simpler that you’d think. Quit dreaming about becoming an author and become one!

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7 Points of Write

Attention authors! Are you sick of being stuck in a creative rut? The 7 Points of Write is the cure for what ails you. In The 7 Points of Write, you'll discover a totally unorthodox approach to unlocking your creative potential, which will allow you to take your ideas from concept to paper and hook your readers from page one! Learn to annihilate writer's block, and discover true secrets to tapping into your creative writing stream and a world of unlimited ideas for every genre of fiction possible. This is NOT another “writing guideline” book. You will not learn when/where to place commas or how to structure sentences. What you will learn is the unique approach to storytelling used by 711 Press, a formula that will literally turn your book into an enthralling novel despite the genre. If you're ready to breathe life into your story, The 7 Points of Write is your creative oxygen tank!

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Air & Water Diet

Welcome to the Air & Water Diet.  If you’re tired of riding up and down on the lose-weight/gain-it-back elevator, and if you yearn for the energy you had when you were twenty, reading this booklet can be a step in the right direction. But, before we begin, I must state that this is NOT an actual diet. The Air & Water Diet is a new way of life or, better yet, a return to a natural way of life, one you were born to live. By returning to the natural, correct way of breathing, and by meeting your body’s hydration requirements with good old water, you CAN and WILL increase your metabolism, which will give you a more desirable body weight while increasing overall health and energy.
Though this book addresses weight management, it is the third book in the Voice RX trilogy, written for musicians who need to regain natural energy for better performance and stage stamina.


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Anni's Attic

In 1861, as the American Civil War escalates, eleven-year old Jennine is reluctantly taken by her father to live in Savannah, Georgia, with the twelve-year old cousin she despises- Annise Loreal Bouvoir. While awaiting the return of her father from his covert Nothern military duties, Jennine and Annise soon find themselves caught up in the family's espionage and Underground Railroad activities. As Jennine comes to love and admire her independent and fearless cousin she also re-examines her arrogant attitude toward Negro slaves, in particular the handsome mulatto boy who works in the family's cotton plantation. For more than three years, as the horror and deprivations of the war continue, the two cousins find comfort and joy in each other's company, and the mysterious treasures of a long-forgotten secret attic.

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Can I Really Sing Higher? 40 of Your Most Pressing Questions About Singing, Answered

Yes, you really can sing higher! In fact, we were all born to sing high and loud, but we simply forgot “how to sing” along the way. In this to-the-point  book, world-renowned glass-shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera condenses over 15 years of experience working with thousands of singers from around the world, conducting countless voice lessons, based on simple vocal exercises shaped by Jaime’s unique approach to vocal technique for more voice strength and power that can set your voice free and make you a successful singer. Many singers have had unanswered questions concerning their voice and vocal instruction and now Jaime answers 40 of the most common questions singers have, such as:

Can I sing higher or am I stuck with the range I'm given?
Can I overcome stage fright?
Can I sing without straining?
How can I project my voice?
Can vibrato be learned?
What is breath support?
What is the best microphone?
and many others.

This book gives you access to the "Can I Really Sing Higher?" Members Section, complete with over 40 training videos for further vocal instruction guidance and VIP access to special group coaching sessions, teleseminars, and bonus training materials, including mini-vocal lessons.

This book also introduces you to some of Jaime's best-selling training, including Raise Your Voice, The Ultimate Vocal Workout, the Extreme Scream series, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, the Beyond the Voice video training series, and much more.


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