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Sometimes, you need personal one-on-one guidance. I'm here to help. My approach to vocal coaching focuses on getting you to the top in minimal time, because I don't believe in hours and hours and hours of voice lessons. We'll streamline a program just for you that will keep you busy working on your voice and seeing results. I don't believe in filling you head full of vocal terminology, I believe in doing the work by combining my Isolation vocal exercises, extreme breathing methods, mental techniques, and intense muscle buillding scales which I've described in my books and taught in vocal workshops worldwide. 
Who has studied with me? A few of my clients have included singers from bands such as Dream theater, Vains of Jenna, Thriving Ivory, Zappa Plays Zappa, Kill Hannah, Machina, Kevin Rudolf, and more.
Are you ready to own the stage? You first need to own your voice and the quickest route to a rock star stamina, multi-octave, super decibel voice is through the secrets that I've taught to thousands of singers. There ARE vocal secrets that will substantially speed up the process of vocal mastery. Are you ready to learn them? How bad do you want to be a top notch performer? Book your session today and amaze your band after your first lesson! 
*Once a lesson is purchased, you will be contacted within 24-hours for scheduling. All students receive a recorded MP3 of their lesson*
Single Skype Session-$100.00 Buy Now 
Study via Skype for 45-minutes, covering various topics, as well as learning exercises from Raise Your Voice, combined with my unique set of scales and singing critiques to master your vocal techique. When you cannot be there in person, Skype is the next best thing!
6-Session Skype Intensive Training Course-$500.00 Buy Now
This Skype training course is my full-blown Skype training program based on six weeks of one 45-minute lesson per week. Get six sessions for the price on five! This course is for SERIOUS singers only, designed to helped you master the tools you need to build your voice. The course will cover my new Beyond the Voice system which incorporates my Vocal Stress Release program, a variation of the Isolation method from my book, Raise Your Voice tweaked to meet the singer's needs, plus the Ultimate Breathing Workout and the most unique muscle building scales you'll find anywhere on the planet. All in all, over six weeks, you will learn how to apply my 3-point vocal method with a solid hour of vocal exercises designed specifically to build pure vocal muscle for range, stamina, and power. Songs will be covered as well so that the singer can master their vocal technique within the application of a song.
six 45-minute weekly sessions.