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A Lecture with Elizabeth Sabine is a two-part MP3 voice lesson. You'll get to experience a talk that vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine gave to the Town Hall of California at the Stock Exchange Club in Los Angeles. The town hall is an impartial forum dedicated to civic education and to the discussion of public questions.

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Need new scales? Driven to Practice level I is for you! The Driven to Practice series was created by glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera and guitar virtuoso Ben Carroll of RA and The Hollow Glow. These scales were created for singers who need to work their voice on the go. This series was designed to give you a progressive vocal workout while driving in the car. There are no vocal examples with these scales, presenting you with the ability to use any variety of vocal sounds that you may currently be using through the guidance of your own vocal coach. Each download consists of two sets of exercises- fourteen exercises each set, both low and high versions for male/female, low/high voice.

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Extreme Scream Volume 1-Grindcore & Deth Vocals
Are you frustrated with boring vocal instructors who claim they can teach you how to scream-sing the right way, but only show you boring scales?
Do you want to learn how to scream, growl and ROAR! in the style of bands with aggressive 'unclean vocals' such as White Chapel, Divine Heresy, Arch Enemy and All Shall Perish--or even melodic metal screamers such as Disturbed, Lamb of God, Linkin Park, Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack, to name a few? Do you want to strengthen your voice, increase your range, and scream effortlessly for longer periods than you've ever been able to scream-sing before? And do you want to do it in a fun way...that's motivating AND won't hurt or damage your voice? Look no further. This intense, 45 minute (90 minutes for the entire program), 120+ MB downloadable MP3 audio lesson by master vocal coach Jaime Vendera is what you need.
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Extreme Scream Volume 2- Grit & Rasp Vocals

 The most anticipated vocal training lesson for singers, lead screamers, low growlers and metal heads is finally here!

Screaminglessons.com is proud to announce the release of Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocal Techniques—taught by world-renowned vocal coach Jaime Vendera (Dream TheaterAlter BridgeNitro, more.) This intense 30-minute lesson is packed with proven grit/rasp vocal techniques and tips that will show you how to properly apply “heat” to your vocals in the style of MetallicaNirvanaSoundgarden and Alice in Chains...without damaging your voice.

Back by popular demand for this lesson is Jaime’s student Brian Kelly (Severed Chains) who, along with Jaime and his band, will show you how to add “low grit”, “midrange grit”, “smoky/breathy grit”, “grunge grit”, “blues growls” and more to any rock /metal singing or screaming performance for maximum effect & flavor.

As in Extreme Scream Volume #1, this lesson will NOT be teaching you vocal scales. Instead, you'll be practicing along with Jaime to a kickass metal music soundtrack which makes learning Jaime’s vocal techniques fun & easy. 

Long considered one of the ‘holy grail’ techniques of singing/screaming, grit can instantly transform a boring “ho hum” vocal performance into “holy sh*t, did you hear that?” performance. And in this amazing lesson, Jaime & Brian break down all the misconceptions about grit & rasp and reveal the fundamental secrets and key ingredients that can help you effectively (and safely) transform your own vocal performances into scorching-hot, chainsaw-ripping, muffler-rumbling, grit masterpieces.

Whether you are a rock singer or a metal screamer, the grit/rasp techniques discussed in this lesson can be applied to any style of music you sing or scream. 

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In Sabine's Secrets to Voice Strengthening, renowned vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine discusses her secrets for voice strengthening and shows the student how to turn the body into an amplifier. She has conducted countless classes on strengthening the speaking voice at UCLA and had taught voice at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute for over a decade.

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The Official Elizabeth Sabine warmup is for people who have studied vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine's voice strengthening techniques. There is no explanation on this audio. This is the warmup she takes her students through during private lessons. If you are not familiar with the Sabine techniques, please purchase the ebook Strengthening Your Singing Voice before practicing along with this audio.

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In The Sabine Rock Voice, vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine reveals the secrets of her incredible voice strengthening techniques as taught to the singers of bands such as "GIANT", "LOVE / HATE", "MALICE", "GUNS 'N' ROSES", "38 SPECIAL", "STRYPER", "KEEL" with special thanks to Ron Keel, David Gabriel, Mark Johnson, Nijole Sparkis, John Simon, Robert Longly, Steve Meyers, Jeff Janning, Wayne Pierce and many others.

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The Rock & Metal Singer's Vocal Warm Up Routine contains 7 deadly vocal warm up exercises that will help you slay any audience!  This ain't your parents boring old vocal warm up routine! No way! This is a psycho, insane wall-of-sound featuring melodic rock/metal tracks designed not only to get the blood flowing to your vocal cords, but to get the music coursing through your veins and the adrenalin pumping before you ever hit the stage or the vocal booth. NOW, your vocal warm ups will be easy, fun, and will ROCK! As usual, Jaime will guide you through these warm ups and explain the basics of his vocal technique - which keeps his glass-breaking voice in peak condition - and it will do the same for yours, too. You'll also receive a bonus eBook to assure that you understand each exercise and that your voice is ready to go AFTER your performance. 

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The Ultimate Vocal Warmup is what glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera Personally uses before all of his television shows and other performances. This fifteen-minute warmup is also used on the road by professional singers worldwide. Starting with lip bubbles and working up into full voice, it is THE ultimate warmup for serious singers! 

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In Unleash the Passion of Your Singing Voice, renowned vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine discusses the secrets to releasing passion, which ignites the power behind a phenomenal voice.

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Vocal Mindset is a forty-minute  guided meditation  created by vocal coach Jaime Vendera and motivational world renowned speaker/hypnotherapist, Matt Adams, (aka Max Action) specifically designed for users of Raise Your Voice and The Ultimate Breathing Workout. This program helps to motivate your mind to master Jaime Vendera's vocal program, build self-confidence and overcome stagefright.

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Vocal Mindset II is a thirty-minute  guided meditation created by Jaime Vendera and motivational world renowned speaker/hypnotherapist, Matt Adams, (aka Max Action) specifically designed to take you to the next step beyond Vocal Mindset; it was designed for singers who want to own the stage. This program is very similar in concept to Vocal Mindset, but focuses more on the artistry side of stage performance while helping you find your inner voice. For best results, alternate between Vocal Mindset and Vocal Mindset II.

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The Voice RX Warm Up is a series of sing-along vocal scales by Jaime Vendera that work hand in hand with the ebook Voice RX. Based on the "Lip Bubble" exercise, each scale is designed to bring more blood flow to your vocal cords while easing sore throat pain and re-establishing your voice. Sing along with Jaime so you can sing/speak tonight!

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