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Whether you are a professional singer, speaker, teacher, lawyer, DJ, clergy, auctioneer, tour guide, or sales person.   caring for your voice is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in your life. This book is your complete and one stop guide to take care of your voice naturally without chemicals or drugs. What you can expect from this book:

*Comprehensive A-Z  list of healing herbs for the Voice Professional/ What herbs to use when and how to prepare each herb for use/Specific Formulas for specific vocal issues such as tired and over used voice, mucus,sinus congestion, and sore throat/What drugs negatively affect the voice and natural alternatives to those drugs/ Foods to eat that affect the voice and vocal mechanism/Sinus Care with cleansing guide and herbs/Food lists that help create and maintain Superior Vocal health/"What to do When" natural solutions for the most pressing Performance and Presentation issues such as performance anxiety, clogged sinuses, chest congestion, mental clarity and more.
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By mastering the pharyngeal voice and blend voice, you’ll have a powerhouse, rockstar, seamless voice from top to bottom. This book and audio series is concise and to the point; no fluff and buff stuff here. Plain and simple, this is the reality of what it takes to become a professional singer.

James Lugo has toured to world, sang on countless records, and trained some of the top names in the business. Now he’s ready to share his insane teaching style with you!

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Thinking of becoming a vocal coach yourself How would you like to turn what you know into dough? The online teaching business is booming and now is the time to join the onine teaching revolution! Anyone with a computer, webcam and headset, who has an area of expertise can share and turn that knowledge into cold-hard cash. Whether you are a school teacher who wants to tutor math, a piano player who wants to teach music, or a chess enthusiast who wants to share their winning "secrets", millions of people on the Internet want what you know!

Internet vocal coach Jaime Vendera shares his online teaching secrets that have gained him students from many famous bands as well as create an online writer's workshop series. This book guides you from beginning to end, explaining how easy it is to get started with equipment you already have and free programs on the Internet, making your start-up cost next to nothing. You'll learn the secrets to marketing yourself as an online instructor and learn how to expand your one-on-one online teaching business into online workshops, with up to several hundred attendees to increase your profits.

The book contains links to every site you'll need to start teaching today! Are you ready to turn what you know into dough? Learn how in "Online Teaching Secrets Revealed!"

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Raise Your Voice Second Edition is a 400 page vocal training manual for rock, blues, pop, country and gospel singing, covering aspects of voice/singing including health, anatomy, training and performance. Raise Your Voice is based on Jaime Vendera’s ‘Isolation Method’ for increasing stamina, power and range, and his ‘Vocal Stress Release' program, designed to enable an artist to sing night after night on the road. Book comes with over nine hours of instructional audio & video accessible via the Members section at

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One exercise, one minute, one new voice… In Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual, glass-shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera unveils his most innovative exercise designed to explode a singer’s voice beyond their potential.  The “Ultimate Isolation Exercise” is comprised of a six-exercise stack, which takes approximately one minute per pitch.  By stacking Jaime’s top warm up and workout exercises, the vocal muscles are strengthened in a unique manner to assure increased vocal range, power, improved tonal quality, and stamina, while cutting practice time by as much as two-thirds. This book is NOT for the beginner, and should only be attempted by dedicated Raise Your Voice students! As well, Jaime revisits key components of his RYV methodology and introduces advanced students to new muscle building concepts and warm ups/ cool downs, including “stair-stepping” exercises, Vocal Stage Prep, and the Voice & Body Cool Down. For those yearning to enhance their vocal potential in minimal time, and go beyond their plateau, RYV2 is the answer!

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Reach for the Top: The Musician's Guide to Health, Wealth and Success by Dr. Timothy Jameson,  (author of Repetitive Strain Injuries: Alternative Treatments and Prevention) will be the first book of many written by Dr. Jameson through Vendera Publishing.

Are you considering a career as a musical artist?  Are you a musician or vocalist reaching a plateau in your career?  Do you have a nagging injury that is holding you back from excelling in your musicianship?  Are you looking for the secret clues that the highly successful musicians already know? Then this is the book for you!

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The Sing Out Loud series is an innovative vocal training program designed specifically for kids, teens, and beginning singers. Each book is filled with pictures, illustrations and audio files, designed to function like a personal vocal coach, with easy, fun, step-by-step assignments that will help the beginning singer develop their singing voice. 

Book I 

Sing Out Loud Book I: Discovering Your Voice is all about finding your own voice. Understanding the three vital steps to vocal technique as well as vocally experimenting with a variety of sounds will help you discover your own unique sound and help you discover a healthy, effortless new way to sing. Book I comes with 40 downloadable instructional audio files.




Book II 

Sing Out Loud Book II: Developing Your Voice is a continuation of the first book in the series, and is designed to reinforce your understanding of correct vocal technique. Through a series of masterful vocal exercises and warm-ups, you will extend your range, improve your sound and gain pure vocal freedom. Book II comes with 29 downloadable instructional audio files.





Book III 

Sing Out Loud Book III: Owning Your Voice is where you’ll discover the art of singing by mastering vocal tricks, such as vibrato and tone coloring, while developing your singing skills by learning how to break down the key elements of any song. This is a sure-fire way to put you on the road to vocal success.Book III comes with 12 downloadable instructional audio files.





Book IV 

Sing Out Loud Book IV: Owning The Stage is all about your stage presence. You'll learn correct microphone technique, how to move around on stage, and perform before an audience. These techniques will help you conquer stage fright and have you feeling like a natural performer in no time flat.Book IV comes with comes with special section of continually updated material to keep you singing out loud. 

The Sing Out Loud download package contains all four books.

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In Strengthening Your Singing Voice, Hollywood Voice Strengtening Specialist Elizabeth Sabine shares the secrets she has spent a lifetime teaching to rock singers from bands like Guns N' Roses, 38 Special, Men At Work, Keel and Giant, actors like Chick Norris nand Elizabeth Shue and vocal coaches such as Jaime Vendera and Cara Mastrey. In her book, Elizabeth explains the usual sources of vocal fatigue and describes how to overcome these common problems that have cost some singers/actors their careers. She completely explains a simple system to turn the voice into energy and create vocal power. You don't have to be born a singer to sing great...Elizabeth will show you how by teaching you how the voice truly works, master your breathing, increase vocal power and eliminate vocal fatigue as well as other improtant vocalist aspects such as how to eliminate stagefright. This book presents a system that will minimize practice time, guiding you along through twenty-two audio files to strengthen your singing voice in no time!

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The Ultimate Breathing Workout is a nine-step exercise system designed to strengthen your lungs, diaphragm and abdominal muscles while improving your lung capacity, breath support and sustain time. If you want to improve your sustain time and breath support, this system will give you the tools you need. This book system goes hand in hand with Jaime Vendera's 'Raise Your Voice' program.

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The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary is a fillable one-year, four-page per week vocal workout plan in a convenient diary for users of Raise Your Voice and The Ultimate Breathing Workout. Ebook version is printable.

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Have you ever had a sore throat/hoarse voice from a cold, after a night of singing too hard at a gig, or shouting at a game and you couldn't speak the next day and didn't know how to regain your voice? Voice RX IS the answer. Voice RX is a four-part vocal rebuilding system by author/glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vender designed to help a person recover from vocal loss, when time is of the essence. This ebook is only 12 pages, but don't let that fool you because every page is full of EXACTLY what you need to recover your voice! Never be without your voice with Voice RX!

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Vocal RESET picks up where Voice RX leaves off. This is a more extreme program that was developed  for singers, speakers, generally anyone who uses their voice (which mostly all of us do) who have suffered from a sore/hoarse/dry voice for more than a week. If you feel that your vocal probalem may be a bit more involved than simply losing your voice from shouting at a game, over-singing, or speaking on the phone for way too long, then it's time to reset your voice. This program will give your voice a break and focus on getting it back to optimal level leading through self-discovery to figure out "why" you keep losing your voice and eliminating the problem.

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Voice Yourself in the Classroom is a book dedicated to teachers and the speaking voice. It offers a holistic approach to finding your natural dynamic voice through proper placement exercises and using correct breath support in order to be heard above a crowd. Because there is more to speaking than the technical aspects of sound production, Voice Yourself in the Classroom thinks outside of the box by providing step-by-step roadmaps from warming up the voice to innovative ideas and lesson plans to help create a pleasant, comfortable, positive and thriving learning environment.
Discover how to find your very own beautiful voice and maintain it, warm up your voice and strengthen your vocal power, protect your voice against colds and allergies, increase your overall bodily health, teach your students to focus and be kind, and end classroom disruptions. Empowering and meaningful, Voice Yourself in the Classroom is the most comprehensive and effective teacher resource guide for vocal health. Love your voice; it’s the most wonderful and intricate instrument of all!
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Welcome to the Air & Water Diet.  If you’re tired of riding up and down on the lose-weight/gain-it-back elevator, and if you yearn for the energy you had when you were twenty, reading this booklet can be a step in the right direction. But, before we begin, I must state that this is NOT an actual diet. The Air & Water Diet is a new way of life or, better yet, a return to a natural way of life, one you were born to live. By returning to the natural, correct way of breathing, and by meeting your body’s hydration requirements with good old water, you CAN and WILL increase your metabolism, which will give you a more desirable body weight while increasing overall health and energy.

Though this book addresses weight management, it is the third book in the Voice RX trilogy, written for musicians who need to regain natural energy for better performance and stage stamina.


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