Vendera Publishing is a book publisher that will cater to a wide variety of non-fiction subjects, as well as multiple genres fiction (Western, Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, etc.) Vendera Publishing will continue to release high-quality works that will stand as unique offerings within this crowded publishing community.

Look for exciting new titles from Vendera Publishing as we continue to grow our catalogue with books containing subject matter that will have you discussing them long after you’re through reading.

In a world where forms of entertainment are becoming too numerous to name, Vendera Publishing will cultivate new literary soil and foster non-fictional projects that are sure to keep readers flipping the pages. Our interest is only in first-rate books that will inspire hearts and fuel the imagination of millions, and our aim is to return the book form to its place of origin, making the written word the chief form of entertainment, by releasing works that will place the reader directly in the center of the works that we publish.